1941 DH82A Tigermoth VH-BOJ

Maintained in Charter category (Located YSHR)

This aircraft has a Nil accident history. Purchased by Whitsunday Tigermoth Adventures in 2009 and was operated until I sold the business and has been flown by me in private operations (but still maintained in Charter category) for the last 5 years.

The aircraft was sent to Nelson Aeroplane Company for a $40,000 make over by Harvey McBain. This included the removal of all metal fittings for refurbishment, new rudder and elevator, replacement of the turtle-deck, re-fabric of the fuselage and new paint all over. The refurbishment was completed 3 years ago.

The aircraft comes with a significant amount of spares and specialised tools. (See images)

Please note: The spares are included in the purchase price and are not available for separate purchase.


Reason for sale...

Going north of 73 years old and in excess of 7000 hours of having fun in Tigermoths, “She who must be obeyed” has decided that it’s time to get a Piper Lance and explore Australia together.
The joys of aviation!

  • All AD's up to date
  • Engine ??? hours to run (1300 hr engine)
  • ??? Propeller on condition including Charter operations
  • Toe brakes and tail wheel
  • Narco ??? TSO radio including intercom, Narco Txp
  • BTH magnetos (no interference with radios) including 1 left and 1 right spare reconditioned mags
  • Stainless steel flying wires
  • Smoke system